Michelle Rocha

The best law firm around!

 I’d like to thank Marais Attorneys for the professional manner in which they handled my case.  Throughout my whole ordeal I just somehow knew that I was in good hands.

Jonathan Hol and his team just kept on reassuring me, both in person and on the phone, at all hours when both my husband and I had lost all strength to keep fighting, his cool, calm and collective words of encouragement to just keep going until the end.  The problems of trying to get out of an impossible partnership with an unreasonable partner just seamed to melt away as the case progressed.  The end of the case did eventually come and go, with favourable results.

Marais Attorneys are a firm of attorneys with morals and I think that honesty and good old fashion integrity prevailed until the end.

Well done team!  You come highly recommended.

Bryte Bianca Radzilani, General Counsel and Company Secretary

“I found working with you extremely insightful and pleasant. Your firm’s understanding of the different areas of the law is admirable. Your are very generous with your time and meet deadlines regardless of how stringent same can be. I will definitely direct instructions to your firm of attorneys.”

Havas Southern Africa Lynn Madeley, CEO

“Marais Attorneys have looked after all the Havas businesses in South Africa for more than 10 years. The firm has a deep understanding of global advertising and media businesses and is able to give clear advice to our team on the ground as well as work with our global principals.

Professional, thorough, practical and when needed they have very sharp teeth.

Nic himself  feels like an extension of our team and he is always incredibly supportive and available when we  need help.”

VWV Group Trevlynn Farland, HR Manager

Marais Attorneys are the ones you want to take into battle with you…

They exemplify ethics, independence, and knowledge in all legal matters.  VWV Group have utilised the professional services of Marais Attorneys for the past 4 years and will continue to do so. 

Short but all true. 

Joe Public United Dave McCullough, Commercial Director

“I have had the privilege of working with Marais Attorneys and Nic Marais for the past 16 years. The firm has always been very creative in their legal solutions to most commercial transactions including; mergers and acquisitions, labour law, commercial client contracts, BEE transactions and trademark and intellectual property issues. The team is agile and provide quick turnaround to legal issues at competitive rates. I recommend them to anyone requiring a more personalised legal partnership.”

FCB Africa (Pty) Ltd Graham Vivian, Chief Operation Officer (2011 to date)

FCB has worked with Nic Marais attorneys for well over 15 years. It is very unusual to find a legal firm that can handle everything from labour law to complex litigation cases, with equal skill and attention.

Nic and his team are also very responsive and there is none of the normal long waits to get answers back. If you want a firm who shows a keen interest in your business look no further than Nic and his team.

Publicis – John Dixon, Chief Executive Officer Publicis South Africa (2015 to date)

“Marais Attorneys provides a critical service to us and as such are an extension of our management team. Marais Attorneys has been instrumental through my various leadership positions. Their track record in terms of providing timeous, comprehensive and considered advice is excellent. They take time to understand both the context and precise nature of the legal matter at hand, something which is critical to us.
Marais Attorneys are a “one stop shop” to us and when required coordinate the activity of legal specialists seamlessly on our behalf. I would recommend them to any company seeking a top quality legal advice with a great service ethic.”

OnePointFour – Erika Kornau-van Niekerk, Managing Director

“Marais Attorneys have become our trusted partner in the area of BEE Compliance. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise demystified what would otherwise have been a daunting process.”

Prosound – Justin Acres, Director

“Marais attorneys have been the trusted legal partners to Prosound for 10 years. 

What is unique about Marais attorneys is the time taken to develop a deep understanding of our legal business requirements from BEE to simple contracts.   Their advice is always strategic, they are highly approachable and their implementation is efficient.  Marais attorneys are an invaluable partner to our business.”

Dr Taddy Blecher –  CEO, Imvula Empowerment Fund

“Marais Attorneys have provided exceptional legal support to the Imvula Empowerment Fund, as well as the Invincible Empowerment Fund, over the past 4-years.

Every transaction they have worked on, has been concluded without unnecessary delays, and has proven most successful for both our clients and partners and ourselves.

They work with speed, accuracy, and provide expert inputs to ensure legal agreements are prepared professionally and correctly. We cannot thank Nick Marais and his team
for the tremendous work they do and the support they have provided to us”

360 Degrees – Graham Hopkins, Financial Director

“As is often the case in legal matters, our relationship with Marais Attorneys began in a moment of crisis. When our fledgeling business was less than two years old, one of our trusted partners decided to betray our trust for personal gain. We were referred to Nicolaas Marais, who met with us immediately, quickly assessed the situation in consultation with senior counsel, and determined that we were the victims of the kind of abuse that is in direct contradiction to the spirit and intention of BEE. Not only did Marais Attorneys help us to resolve the matter satisfactorily, but they also advised us on the fairest BEE structure for a growing business such as ours. We are now a AAA Level 2 contributor, with a watertight legal structure that prevents any further abuse. Thank you Nicolaas”.

Corporate Communications Consultants – Rosemary Renton, Director

“We were recommended to Marais Attorneys a number of years ago to assist us with all the legal aspects of our black economic empowerment documentation and since then Nicolaas has assisted us in a number of different areas. He is always professional, efficient and have always gone the extra mile to help us.”

Draft FCB – Neil Van Der Weele, Group CEO (2002 – 2009)

“Draftfcb is one of the biggest communication groups in the country with offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and with a staff complement of over 500 employees.

Being responsible for HR, I have been privileged to have worked and continue to work with Nicolaas Marais from Marais Attorneys for the past 16 years and with his partner Jonathan Hol for the past 2 years ( since Jonathan first joined Marais Attorneys). Working within a creative environment, can at times, be challenging.

Having Marais Attorneys on my speed dial is, at ALL times, comforting. Both Nic and his partner Jonathan have proven to be ‘just one call away’.
Marais attorneys strengths are that :

  • They are accessible at all times;
  • Are very experienced legally, and always think strategically;
  • They investigate all avenues and have always provided excellent solutions;
  • They have huge industry knowledge;
  • They are results drive;
  • They are, in my opinion ‘the most trusted and fair’ labour lawyers.”

Bride &Co – Neil Timm, Group Ops Director

“My first encounter with Marais Attorneys was though Nicolaas Marais, when he assisted me the sale of my business to the Lewis Group. I have since that invaluable assistance always sought the counsel of Nicolaas Marais. I can only remark that my experience with Marais Attorneys has been an exceptional one. They have always extended themselves and I would never make a decision without consulting them.

I would definitely recommend Marais Attorneys without a doubt.”

DDB – Shane Fentum, COO

“I have utilised Marais Attorney’s services for over 15 years and through 7 or more advertising agencies. It would be difficult for me to imagine not having his input when it comes to matters of labour, acquisition, structure, BEE, debt collection or just solid advise on a business transaction. Nicolaas has become a trusted advisor and I would not consider making any decisions without his counsel. His company has become a virtual department to us and add enormous value in terms of their skills base.”